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Summer 2021

Color Compton  Paid Internship

5 local youth participated in our 6-week internship that introduced Compton's history and art mediums. Students discussed narrative themes such as; controlling your narrative, owning your narrative and reclaiming your narrative. Black and brown narratives were highlighted.

Amber Ramirez, 15

Melissa Garcia, 17

Tais Mendez Reyes, 14

Brooklynn Campbell, 14

Daniela Perez Gavira, 18

Glass of Milk

Amber Ramirez,15




Music plays throughout the mountains

Red and purple cover her body

We leave home to find “home”


The desert becomes my playground

Playing hide n seek I run with one shoe

Afraid to be captured.

I play the game 2 times before I



I sit in silence

Put on my mask

Bottle everything up

I am




... Disculpame. I am sorry.

Mellisa garcia,17


A Part of Me

I am a part of my father

I am a part of my mother

I am a part of all of my family who loves me like no other

I am a part of this country and of its history

And I am apart of the people who will forever remain a mystery

I am a part of the customs passed down for generations that ended just as I started my

American Education

I am a part of those family members that I will never get to meet, and I am a part of all those

places that I was forced to greet

I am a part of those seven schools that, as a child, I had to attend

And I am a part of all of those friendships that I was then forced to suspend

I am a part of all the decisions that have come to affect my life, whether I made them or not,

whether in joy or strife

I am a part of the hopes and the dreams of my distant ancestors, which they were forced to

abandon, forced to sequester

I am a part of the streets on which my grandmother has lived and I am a part of each meal that

she has been so generous to give

I am a part of the music that I have so desperately clung onto in an effort to fill the void of the

culture that I never knew

I am a part of all the memories that I decided to save, whether formed in a photograph, or in an

audio wave

I am apart of a lot more than I ever give myself credit for

I am a part of all of these moments, as they are a part of me