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(C) 2019 Color Compton


An organization geared towards working with the youth to build community relationships among people of color while exploring identity, and creating art. Grounded on history, students will be introduced to concepts and history to engage in dialogue and use art mediums to develop their own narratives through collective engagement. All students will be able to gain leadership skills and play a critical role in community activism.



  1. Color Compton is open for youth between grades 8-12. We provide 10-week academic-cohorts for youth in the Fall & Spring, and 6-week paid internship in the Summer.

  2. In addition, we offer topic-specific workshop series for the larger Compton community.

  3. For young adults looking to get involved and who have graduated High School, we have our Color Compton Alumni chapter to mentor youth and be involved in community workshops. 




We believe in the importance of knowing and focusing on histories of people of color. By exploring the roots of our ancestors in this land nationally and locally, we hope to educate all and build true coalition across ethnic groups.

Art is a universal language that has historically been used as a form of communication and creating collective movement. We introduce various art outlets to youth as a form of self-expression and creating narratives.

Everyone has a story and a unique narrative, we hope to help cultivate a brave space for all to develop their voice and share with each other.

We envision a true collective community within Compton and encourage youth to not only relate their own identity with the collective identity, but to also engage, empower and collaborate with the local community.

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